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High Quality Katanas

Katanas with Colorful Blades

High Quality Iaito

Ultra high quality super sharp blade, beautiful sword and deadly. Don't ever buy from anyone else and overpay by hundreds of dollars. An amazing sword forged and customized by ryan. No flaws seen in sword whatsoever. Better than advertised. Worth twice what he charges.
Wesley beem
Hey wanted to say Thanks and great job. I ordered a new Tsuba and Tsuka set for an very old katana I have. I must admit I was a bit worried the new parts would not fit - Well they did (although I had to make use of a file on the 2 seppa). Just wanted to thank you and say Awesome job guys!!!
Tracy Higgins

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Ekatana.se offer quality Katana, Iaito, Shirasaya, No-dashi, Wakisashi and Tanto

Our aim is to provide the best products at a low cost. We do not deal with cheap replicas or wallhangers. Wwe are serious about support to give you the best possible experience. We are open and transparent regarding who we are and what we do and we welcome anyone to join the family of Ekatana. Regardless if you are an experienced swordbuyer or just getting started you will find a community of helpful members, all passionate about the art of finding quality katana for the best price.

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