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Good start, now lets move forward

The initial response for Ekatana has been really good and even though there are not a lot of products here yet, so now it’s time to move forward and improve the site and it’s content. To build a website in
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And only 16 days later since I decided to move forward with this project I am now ready to open the doors to the public. All is ready and although we currently only have a few swords up, I feel
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Adding Encyclopedia to Ekatana

For a lot of people the many Japanese terms related to the different parts and techniques surrounding Japanese swords such as Katanas and Iaito can be very confusing. In order to help with that I have added an encyclopedia functionality
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Building a forum

One of the things I wanted to do for Ekatana was to build a nice community into it. To do that I added Buddypress and BBPress, which are a pain in the behind to get to actually do what you
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Slowly getting there!

Things are not moving as fast as I would hope as vacation time and other obligations are getting a bit in the way. I do however manage to get some progress done and I feel like I get good progress
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Så ser Ekatana dagens ljus!

Så var det äntligen dags då att lägga lite tid på Ekatana.se som är mitt Ehandelsprojekt där jag undersöker möjligheterna med WordPress och WooCommerce tillsammans med Dropshipping. Det blir ett ganska stort projekt som jag hoppas ska ge en hel
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