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Building a forum

One of the things I wanted to do for Ekatana was to build a nice community into it. To do that I added Buddypress and BBPress, which are a pain in the behind to get to actually do what you want them to do.

BBPress is an old and probably the only forum that actually works with WordPress. As such you would think that it would have plenty of development and be pretty nice out of the box, and you would be wrong. BBPress in it’s default state is a miserable piece of junk that look terrible and have almost no functionality what so ever.

In order to get it to even mimic a real forum I had to go through hours of blogposts, comments and Github code samples. Things like grouping sections and new posts indications SHOULD be default for any forum and things user levels for posting is just silly not to have in there. I also had to search hard to find ways to add icons for the different forums, which felt strange. The fact that the BBPress site is like a madman’s maze when it comes to information does not exactly help either…

In then end however I managed to get a decent layout going and I will now let it be for now and focus on other areas. I am sure I will find reason to revisit the forums and play around with it some more down the line, but for now it’s good enough for me.

Check out the forums now!

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