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And only 16 days later since I decided to move forward with this project I am now ready to open the doors to the public. All is ready and although we currently only have a few swords up, I feel like it’s time we get this sown on the road!

It’s been one hell of a journey trying to get all the pieces together, writing all the texts, setting up plugins and modifying the design to my liking, but it’s here now. I still have tons of things to do like fixing bugs and adding hundreds of new swords and other items, but I am in no hurry. Ekatana.se is here to stay and I know that this project is not a sprint, but a marathon.

In order to celebrate the Go Live event I am giving you the opportunity to use a very nice 10% discount voucher. This will reduce the price of any product, even discounted ones, with 10%, but it will not effect shipping. To use it, just enter “GoingLive” in the coupons field in the cart and it will automatically do the calculations for you.

I hope you will enjoy this website and if you want some nice offers down the road, be sure to register as a member and you will get a newsletter with promotions and news a couple of times each year.


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