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Good start, now lets move forward

The initial response for Ekatana has been really good and even though there are not a lot of products here yet, so now it’s time to move forward and improve the site and it’s content.

To build a website in just 16 days on your spare-time  is not an easy task, especially when you don’t have a plan for it other than a vision and tons of motivation. It works, but doing things like that make for some rough edges here and there. It also means you do some compromises here and there because you are working with ready made solutions.

So, now it’s time to look at next release and to expand on what we have now. The next few weeks will be filled with the small things on the back of things. I will start looking into SEO so the sections get the right attention and I will also start setting up tagging for Google Analytics so I can see what happens on the site. I also have a short campaign on Facebook where Ekatanas page is closing in on 500 in just a few days and a very limited Adsense campaign that just kicked in.  I will expand the campaigns a bit once I can better track them.

On the frontend things are a little heavy right now so I will start by setting up a clone of the setup on a development board and then optimize it. I will also rebuild the product pages and look over image sizes because they are not optimal at the moment. On the product pages I will also add the many optimization options so it will be easier to order a sword in the configuration you want (blade length, sharpness, coloration and so on).

I am not sure if I will have it in next release or the one after that, but I am planning on adding a sword builder where you can put together pretty much anything you want like shape and length of the blade, type of hamon, blod groove, tsuba, fuchi, saya, ito and so on. the idea is to make a package for this where every item will be available in apackage builder. A dream would be to have the time to photograph every piece and make the package visual as well, but that would require a lot of work and time!

I tested to write a little story about the Purple Twins Daisho and it seems to be appreciated, so i will do so for a few more and then I will probably let the members help out as well. I will also look into the possibility to let the members name a few swords to get them more engaged. I hope they will appreciate that and will think it’s fun to participate.

There is no shortage of work available for this little project, that’s for sure. The good thing is that I am in no hurry and that it’s actually something that is really helping me to better understand the way e-commerce works from a practical point of view. This is very useful for me in my role as Business Analyst to not just have theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge even if this platform is a little smaller than that of my customers.

So, we march on and see what happens!

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