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Slowly getting there!

Things are not moving as fast as I would hope as vacation time and other obligations are getting a bit in the way. I do however manage to get some progress done and I feel like I get good progress with the designbits so far.

The most annoying areas still remain, but I now have the ticket section ready and My Pages look decent enough for now. The Menus are in place and I have plan for product filtering and product data. I am still waiting for confirmation regarding if selling pieces of the swords is a viable option as that will determine how to proceed with shipment.

The idea of selling individual items such as tsubas and habaki comes from the plans to build a feature that will allow you to build your own sword by selecting each item in one page. I have done this for other customers and it’s quite nice. The thing that complicate things is if I should set this up so that price and shipment is calculated based on each individual item or if I should set up one or more packages that will have a fixed price regardless of the parts.

Right now the biggest issue is that it’s a bit tricky to handle widgets for BuddyPress and BBPress areas as they do not really play well with the rest of the site. It’s not really a big issue, but it’s a bit annoying. Later this week I will rebuild the product detail page and the checkout that both are pretty bad in my opinion, but until then I will continue to slowly edit CSS to get things to look pretty.

I have added som new features such as myCred for some member functionality and community sense and also removed some that I did not feel was really working the way as I like it. I expect this to continue for a few more weeks before things settle in and we get closer to launch, so expect a lot of fun things happening here in the coming weeks!

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