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ELI SWORD – Fully functional heavy duty cutting replica

This is a fully functional replica made of high carbon steel. It is extremely strong and designed for heavy duty cutting. It can cut through bone, big bamboos, thick copper or iron wire without cutting edge damaging. All the five holes on the blade are punched through and well-polished. This is a real steel instead of cheap toy, you can even cut off the head of a demon. The handle was wrapped by high quality leather, comfortable to control.

Braveheart – Handmade 1095 carbon steel functional Wallace sword

This Wallace sword is a very sharp and strong fully functional replica. It is made of very strong 1095 high carbon folded steel. Recommend to do medium cutting, like cutting bamboo, mats and similar. The surface is well-polished. The sheath and handle are both wrapped by high quality leather. It is a piece of graceful handmade art.

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