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Longquan Swords are praised as "The Best Swords Under The Sun",  with 2600 years of sword making history! We offer the best swords for same price. "We are Swords Lover, We do not Sell cheap replica. All the swords are real 100% Handmade "  ----- Chengjian Ryan 


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The Brown Tiger – Black coloured blade katana

This is a well-made colorful Damascus Katana, strictly following the ancient making process, sharp blade, 13 times folded forge so the blade is over 8000 layers. After sharpening work, the blade was specially treated to show the unique charming and mysterious color.  It is a very good choice for the following use: Dojo students, gifts, cutting practice and display. It is durable for middle class cutting, such as tameshigiri, bamboos cutting and so on. The colorful film is very solid and durable; it will not be peeled off.

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