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Countries - Import rules and general information

Please note that importing Japanese swords to Denmark require a permit.

Each country in the world have their own rules regarding Japanese swords like the Katana, Wakizashi, Iaito, Ninjato, Tanto, Naginata, Shirasaya or any other variant. These import rules are not always clear and on these pages we here at Ekatana try to help you understand the rules applied to your country. In most countries you are charged a small sum when bringing a Japanese sword through customs and in some countries it is even illegal without certain certifications and licenses. We try to constantly update these pages in order to give you the best information possible.

swedenIn Sweden you pay 25% tax for importing the sword from China. In addition to this you also pay a 1.7% fee. This is added in customs and it will be adde to the receipt you use to pick up the sword.

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In Denmark you are required to have  special permit to be able to import a Japanese sword. According to rumors this should be easy to get at the local police, but has not yet been confirmed.

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  • Yes, I will work on this page when time permit, but if you need information for a specific country, or have information regarding the rules that apply for a certain country, please add a comment here or send in a support ticket with the information.

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