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denmarkOwning a sword or SLO (Sword Like Object) in denmark

If you wish to own a sword or SLO with a blade longer than 12 cm’s you need to obtain a weapons-permit (Våbentilladelse) from the police station in your home-“state” (hjemme kommune).


How do I get a weapons permit in denmark?

You do this by visiting the local policestation and filling out the application called “Ansøgning om tilladelse til Våbensamling/patronsamling”. This document is available at the police station so you can fill it out directly. Once submitted you will need to wait approx. 14 days and you receive your permit in the mail. in order to get your application approved you must be a danish citizen and not convicted of any crime.


How do I import/buy swords outside denmark?

It is not enough to possess a weapons permit in order to actually buy swords outside denmark. For this you need yet another permit called “Ansøgning om tilladelse til indførsel af våben/ammunition”. You can fill out this form at the same time you fill out your weapons permit.

Now, remember that you have to fill out an import form every time you want to move something through customs. The permit does allow for more than 1 item to be included, so I recommend that you stack your purchases in bundles, if you know you’re going to buy more than one.

The permit does not grant you a carte blanche for importing swords over a period of time. ONLY the items listed on the application will be included on the actual permit.


Now I have my permissions – what then?

Now you can make your purchases, provided you have written the exact specifications of the sword/item on the import application form. After making your purchase, remember to fax your weapons permit to the Customs control office in Copenhagen Airport.  Please note that depending on whether you use a courier company (UPS etc.) or national mail (USPS, Consignia etc.) the packages arrives at different Custom offices. Call and check with the customs officer.

Now, you will be notified when your package arrives, and depending on the process and who’s in charge when it does, you either have to show the import permit in person or mail it there ahead of time. You will then get it stamped and your package is handed or delivered to you.


Taxes and fees

In Denmark everything outside the EU is taxed with 25% sales tax on TOP of whatever national sales tax the goods may have. On top of this is a 1,7% customs charge. This means that if you’re ordering goods in the US, you would add 26,7% to your actual purchase price, as well as consider the current exchange rates

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