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Sweden - Import rules when importing from China

swedenThe rules for importing swords from China to Sweden are dictated by the swedish customs. These rules include calculations on how much tax and fees will be charged for different items. In Sweden there is always a tax for imported products from China and it varies between 25%, 12% and 6% depending on the type of product to be imported. In addition to this there is an import fee which also varies depending on the product.

For Japanese swords imported from China there is always a 25% import tax and according to the database for the Swedish customs there is a 1.7%  import fee.  These fees are calculated so that import fee is calculated first and then the import tax on that value.

Lets do an example:
You purchase a blade that cost $250. this blade have a $50 shipping cost attached to it. the total sum is $300.  In customs you will first be charged an  import fee of 1.7%, which will be based on the product cost:

250 * 1.7% = 254.25

Now on top of that the customs will add 25% import tax:

254.25 * 25% = 317.81

So when you go to pickup your sword you will be asked to pay $67.81 in customs fees.

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