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Order tracking

Order tracking is an important feature for all of us so we can see progress of the shipment for items we have purchased. Here on Ekatana.se we have a system where the vendor will add a tracking number to your order once it has been shipped and you will get and email sent to you with this information.


ems-englishEMS is a Chinese shipping company which is used by vendors such as Ryansword. Each time you order from a vendor that have EMS as shipment method you will receive a tracking code that start with the letters EM followed by some numbers and letters (Like so: EA019896573CN).

You can then go to the EMS website to follow your shipment until it reaches you: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html

This is an example of one of my orders where you can see the different steps and routes after ordering  my  Brown Tiger Katana for my 40th birthday.

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    How to order ryansword ? I am from

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