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Right now we are looking for vendors of high end swords. Please let us know if you know anyone that might fit that description.

Ekatana is a dropshipping business, which means that we work with manufacturers that will send their products directly to the customers. As such we are always looking for good and reputable manufacturers that we can work with. I started Ekatana with one vendor, Ryansword, because I thought I could improve sales for them with a better online experience. I chose Ryansword because they are a midrange vendor with good pricing, good reputation and lots of international experience.

If you want to be one of the vendors here on Ekatana then you are free to contact me and discuss your thoughts.  As a vendor you are able to add your products and you get an area where you can see all the purchases made from your products. In that area you can also handle shipment status and add tracking information when the product is sent. In addition to this you will get your own area in the support system so you can handle support issues.

As a vendor your products will be linked to you and if needed I will setup the necessary shipping rules and commission fee based on our agreement. When products are ordered and paid for on Ekatana you will get a mail with the order information for your products only, even if the order is a mix of multiple vendors items. Payment is split automatically and your account will see payment for shipping and full order value minus Ekatanas commission.

There are no monthly fees or other costs involved other than a signup fee of $500. This fee cover setup the setup of your store and creating the necessary areas on the site. The signup fee also act as a security for the first orders to ensure my dedication to be your business partner is not matched with your ability to deliver with 100% satisfaction to the customers.

In return for the commission and signup fee you will get your products on Ekatana and my personal dedication to promote and market your products at the full range of my expertise as a Neurowebdesigner. I will also act as the first line of support to handle first contact with your customers when something goes wrong.

If this sounds interesting, please contact me now.

There are no obligations involved so you have nothing to loose.

Our Vendors

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